Skills Tournament completed with success at “Leoforos” ground, with 120 young footballers from Panathinaikos Soccer Schools competing in a high level.

Under the eyes of coaches Kostas Tarasis, Dimitris Klis and Giorgos Simos children from 30 PSS from all around Greece were tested in a two days Skills Tournament.

Near the children were also their parents, and the scouts of the Club Dimitris Markos, Kostas Batsinilas, Andreas Lagonikakis, Giorgos Kafes, Giorgos Famelis, Nikos Patsiavouras along with other members of Panathinaikos FC.

Kostas Batsinilas, a veteran striker of Panathinaikos FC, comment about the Tournament that “there is a rich talent at younger ages, which was shown these two days by the players who had a rare experience to compete at the first and most historic football ground of Greece. We would like to thank the children and their parents for the participation. “

From his side, another veteran striker of Panathinaikos, Andreas Lagonikakis urged the kids “to follow the instructions of their coaches but also to love and enjoy football in order to make their dreams come true” and he added that “Panathinaikos Soccer Academy has a great history of football culture. “

We thank all our partners and volunteers for their participation and also adidas, 3E and European Reliance for their support.