The 1st Championship

The team formed by Hungarian coach Josef Kinsler and Angelos Messaris (top scorer with 13 goals) as its best player, made history!

Firstly because they won the first Greek Championship of the Club and secondly for defeating Olympiakos 8-2. Initially Panathinaikos won a title in Athens being invincible and later the team gained a Panhellenic title.
In 1930's Championship the following players participated: G. Argyrakis, St. Pierrakos, Μ.Vassileiou, Κ. Andritsos, Κ. Baltasis, Sp. Ypofantis, Ant. MIyakis, Ang. Messaris, Μ. Baltasis, Μ. Pierrakos, D. Simeonidis.


The 2nd Championship

The season started smoothly but Panathinaikos, trained by Josef Strandt, won the Athens title. Later the team won also the Greek one, prevailing over Olympiakos and Aris.

In 1949´s Championship the following players participated: Vangelis Nikolopoulos, Michalis Kyriazopoulos, Mathios Vitalis, Ilias Stafyllidis, Gavrilos Gazis, Alekos Chionidis, Yiannis Petsanas, Yannis Papantoniou, Vangelis Nikopoulos, Nikos Simos, Nikos Farantos, Babis Fylaktos, Stefanos Dialetis, Christos Nikolaidis, Antonis Papantoniou, Thanasis Balaskas, Kostas Tsipouras, Aristidis Salemis.


The 3rd Championship

The most difficult task for Panathinaikos was to overcome the resistance of AEK, and Apollon Athinon in the Championship of Athens. Furthermore, the "Greens" won the Panhellenic title by winning twice Aris and getting a draw with Olympiakos.

In 1953's Championship the following players appeared: Nikolaidis, Arvanitis, Linoxylakis Kiourtzidis, Aloupis, Kazakos, Asimakopoulos, Panakis, Vitalis, Papantoniou, Petropoulos, Nebidis, Chatzinikolaou.


The 4th Championship

In a rematch for the title, on the 31st of July, Panathinaikos won AEK 2-1 at "Karaiskakis" ground and became the first Champion in the history of the first division of football.

In order to be able to play the rematch, the team needed a hard kickoff at the end. The "Greens" did it under the orders of Antonis Miyakis, Nikos Simos and Odisseas Tsoutsos! Andreas Papaemmanouil was the top scorer, with 11 goals.

In 1960's Championship the following players participated: Voutsaras, Maniakis, Andreou, Linoxylakis, Angelopoulos, Nebidis, Tzounakos, Georgiadis, Papaemmanouil, Domazos, Siailos, Theofanis, Panakis, Marnas, Benardos, Mandarakis, Zafiropoulos.


The 5th Championship

Starting the season by achieving a serial of victories, Panathinaikos led the scoreboard from the 11th match day and never lost a touch with the top.

Harry Gheim was the coach again and Andreas Papaemmanouil was the top scorer, posting 20 goals.

In 1961's Championship the following players appeared: Voutsaras, Linoxylakis, Rousis, Benardos, Kosmidis, Nebidis, Iakovou, S. Angelopoulos, Tzounakos, Pitichoutis, Andreou, Panakis, Papaemmanouil, Domazos, Theofanis, Georgiadis, Mantarakis, D. Fylakouris, Eleftheriadis, Maniakis.


The 6th Championship

An impressive first round with 14 victories in 15 games made the difference in that competition! Panathinaikos "cleared up" the Championship at an early stage and lost for the first time at the 27th match day. With Coach Harry Gheim again on the bench and top scorer Mimis Domazos, who scored 17 goals, the "Greens" won the title rather easily.
In 1962's Champiomship the following players have participated: Voutsars, Drakotas, Tzounakos, Kamaras, Lonoxylakis, Andreou, Nebidis, Pitichoutis, Theofanis, Kosmidis, Papaemmanouil, Toubelis, Domazos, Panakis, Fylakouris, Cholevas, Panayiotidis, Benardos, Loukanidis.


The 7th Championship

This one was known as the famous "invincible Championship". An outstanding achievement, never repeated till today, 51 years later! Counting with 24 victories and 6 draws, things became simple for Stephan Bobek and his players!

Precisely, from that December on they achieved 13 uninterrupted wins. Panathinaikos was the indisputable leader! The "invincible championship" has been celebrated in the best possible way, after winning Olympiakos at the last match day 1-0, at "Karaiskakis" ground. Domazos was the scorer of the match and Panakis was the season's top scorer, posting 16 goals.
In 1964's Championship the following players appeared: Ikonomopoulos, Voutsaras, Vomvas, Kamaras, Andreou, Pitichoutis, Sourpis, S. Angelopoulos, Tzounakos, Yannakopoulos, Loukanidis, Papoulidis, Panayiotidis, Cholevas, Domazos, Papaemmanouil, Theofanis, Toumbelis, Papoutsakis, Panakis, Komianidis.


The 8th Championship

Disposing a defense "made out of granite" (Takis Ikonomopoulos' achieved a personal record by keeping his goalposts "untouched" during 1088 minutes), Panathinaikos lost just once and won the title. Coached by Stephan Bobek and with top scorer Takis Loukanidis,(21 goals), the title was "guaranteed" on the 6th of June; Loukanidis scored and the team won against AEK 1-0, at Leoforos ground.

In 1965's Championship the following players participated: Ikonomopoulos, Voutsaras, Panakis, Kamaras, Papoulidis, Sourpis, Andreou, Papaemmanouil, Domazos, Papoutsakis, Loukanidis, Theofanis, Panousakis, Spetsarias, G. Yiannakopoulos, Pitichoutis, Charalambidis, Christodoulou.


The 9th Championship

Achieving 14 victories during the second round of the Championship, Panathinaikos, with Lakis Petropoulos on the bench, was close to conquering it. The "Greens" had started with 7/7 victories at that season before tripping and reducing the difference from their opponents.

Giorgos Gonios was season's top scorer, posting 19 goals; Aristides Kamaras participated in all the matches of the competition!
In 1969's Championship the following players appeared: Ikonomopoulos, Konstantinou, Kamaras, Dimitriou , Sourpis, Athanasopoulos, MItropoulos, Kapsis, Domazos, Rokidis, Fylakouris, Pitichoutis, Eleftherakis, Antoniadis, Grammos, Kopsachilis, Deliyiannis, Gonios, Kokkinos, Tomaras, Papadimitriou, Papoutsakis


The 10th Championship

Panathinaikos "floored it" from the very beginning, achieving 15 victories in 17 matches during the first round and made clear to its rivals that they would have no chance to win the title.

Antonis Antoniadis scored 25 times! For Coach Lakis Petropoulos this was one more victory, against his "teacher" Stephan Bobek, this time, which in the mean time moved to Olympiakos, the "eternal rival"!
In 1970's Championship the following players participated: Ikomnomopoulos, Panopoulos, Domazos, Antoniadis, Athanasopoulos, Eleftherakis, Tomaras, Kamaras, Mitropoulos, Sourpis, Dimitriou, Kapsis, Kalaitzidis, Rokidis, Deliyannis, Chantzos, Vlachos, Frantzis, Gonios, Chatziandreou.


The 11th Championship

Panathinaikos, the goal producing "machine" (89 goals in 34 matches) of Ferenc Puskas won one more Championship. The start was rather slow but became very impressive later.

Antonis Antoniadis was speeding and scored without end. He achieved 39 goals and featured as the second European top scorer, just behind great German player Gerd Muller, who scored 40 goals! Although Panathinakos was pressed by ΑΕΚ, the "Greens" were able to remain at the first position till the end.
In 1972's Championship the following players appeared: Ikonomopoulos, Konstanntinou, Kamaras, Athanasopoulos, Gonios, Kouvas, Fylakouris, Foukos, Mitropoulos, Kapsis, Tomaras, kalligeris, Antoniadis, Papadimitriou, Vlachos, Sourpis, Domazos, Grammos, Deliyiannis, Dimitriou, Rokidis, Karamanlis, Linaris.


The 12th Championship

The conquest of that Championship by Panathinaikos was one of the greatest turnarounds in the history of the competition.

The season started with a big dispute in the team's internal affairs, between Coach Aymore Moreira and some of his footballers. Finally, after two months of mediocre course, Moreira was detached from the team. Polish coach Kazimierz Gorski replaced him in December and suddenly everything changed. Gorski took out the maximum from the players and thanks to a permanent counterattack and a ... dream-like final (victories over Olumpiakos, AEK Heraklis in Thessaloniki, PAS in Ioannina and a draw in the away much against PAOK), Panathinaikos won the title with bravery. Oscar Alvarez, scoring 19 goals, was highlighted as the top scorer
In 1977's the following footballers appeared: Konstantinou, Valianos, Eleftheriadis, Kapsis, Gonios, Kotsos, Stefanakis, Kizas, Giannakoulas, Georgevic, Eleftherakis, Domazos, Livathinos, Vakalis, Vaggis, Valian, Ikonomou, Antoniadis, Aslanidis, Alvarez, Papadimitriou, Dimitriou, Panopoulos, Rokidis.


The 13th Championship

Seven years without gaining a trophy were too much, for Panathinaikos. A Polish coach came again to give the solution:

Jacek Gmoch did a big "refurbishment", replacing many "veteran" players by young ones, to whom he gave the opportunity to play and to build a strong defense. By letting in 14 goals in 30 matches, Panathinaikos remained on top and finished first, although considered as an outsider! Grigoris Charalambidis was the top scorer for the "Greens", scoring 17 goals, greatly assisted by Rocha, Galakos, Papavasiliou and Antoniou.
In 1984's Championship the following players participated: Minou, Laftsis, Anastasiadis, Vonortas, Galakos,Th. Dimopoulos, Karoulias, Kapsis, Kyrastas, La Ling, Livathinos, Mavridis, Berios, Papavasiliou, Tsinos, Charalambidis, Tarasis, Rocha, tassopoulos, Konstantiniodis, Antoniou, Gerothodoros, Vasiliou, Karavidas, kavouras, Gavasiadis, Tsimbos.


The 14th Championship

Thanks to the transfers realized during that season, but also due to the ones happened during the previous one, Panathinaikos had an unbeatable roster.

Velimir Jaec was in his best moments, Dimitris Saravakos was the top scorer (15 goals) and Juan Rocha was smashing his rivals! The new comers Nikos Sarganis, Vangelis Vlachos, Christos Dimopoulos and Nikos Vamvakoulas were doing their bit to help, so Panathinaikos left very soon in the lurch its main opponents. The only team to compete with was OFI, resisting till the end of March. The "Greens" trained by Czech coach Pietr Pakert and managed by technical director Kazimierz Gorski won one more title.

In 1986's Championship the following players participated: Sarganis, Minou, Tarasis, Karoulias, Vamvakoulas, Jaec, Mavridis, Kyrastas, Saravakos, Gerothodoros, Antoniou, Dontas, Karavidas, Rocha, Kavouras, Patsiavouras, Livathinos, Charalambidis, Th. Dimopoulos, Ch. Dimopoulos, Georgamlis, Batsinilas, Vlachos.


Τhe 15th Championship

Panathinaikos should confront three opponents in a relentless struggle to win the title.

It is only in April that the "Greens" were able to... approach the trophy after winning in Volos the local Olympiakos, thanks to a lightning shoot by Kalpakis which... destroyed the nets! The change of coaches two months after the start of the season when Günter Bengston was replaced by Cristo Bonev, played an important role. Not less important was the transfer of Krzysztof Warzycha! This Polish striker scored 14 times, during that period and became the top scorer!
In 1990's Championship the following players participated: Abadiotakis, Sarganis, Nikopolidis, Kalitzakis, Kalpakis, Karabatsis, Kourbanas, Maragkos, Mavridis, Bouras, Chatziathanassiou, Antiniou, Vlachos, Georgakopoulos, Georgamlis, Kalantzis, Kolev, Polak, Fitos, Christodoulou, Warzycha, Ch. Dimopoulos, Samaras, saravakos, Babas.


The 16th Championship

Disposing of a very efficient offensive "duo" with Saravakos and Warzycha (they scored 42 goals together) Panathinaikos won one more title.

The battle against the "eternal" rival continued till the beginning of March. Then the "Greens" achieved five consecutive victories, leading the competition, taking advantage of the opponents that tripped over. Under the leadership of Coach Vassilis Daniil a strong team with a lot of changes was formed. The roster was reinforced with the following players: Wanchik, Apostolakis, Frantzeskos, Loupu (although this Rumanian did not meet one's expectations). The players that left the team were: Sarganis, Dimopoulos and Kolev
In 1991's Championship the following players appeared : Wanchik, Apostolakis, Chatziathanassiou, Georgamlis, Kalitzakis, Kourbanas, Antoniou, Mavridis, Georgakopoulos, Kalatzis, Saravakos, Maragkos, Warzycha, Vlachos, Tsifoutis, Pavlopoulos, Loupu, Frantzeskos, Christodoulou, Samaras, Georgakopoulos, Kalpakis.


The 17th Championship

Panathinaikos won 1994-95 seasons' Championship like a storm.

Under the management of Juan Ramon Rocha, player Krzysztof Warzycha was scoring a volley of goals (29 goals). Giorgos Ch. Donis assisted him. Borelli and Apostolakis assumed the task of organizing the game.
Till the 24th day, Panathinaikos, was invincible and plenty of records. The team completed the competition having a gap of 16 points from the second team in the list, achieved 26 victories, scored 83 goals in total and let in 21.
In 1995's Championship the following players appeared: Wanchik, Nikopolidis, G.CH. Georgiadis, Ouzounidis, G.S. Georgiadis, Kalintzakis, Kolitsidakis, Kapouranis, Donis, Boreli, Nioplias, Warzycha, Maragkos, Markos, Alexoudis, Christodoulou, Lagonikakis, Papanagis, Goumas, Mitropoulos.


The 18th Championship

The same team which competed in the previous season did it again! This time things were much harder though, especially against AEK, as competition during the five last rounds was tough.

Panathinaikos won with the same score (1-0) the teams of AEK, Olympiakos and PAOK successively into a three week period. This way the "Greens" ensured the first place by remaining calm and composed during the last matches of the Championship. The victory against AEK, (goal scored by Boreli) was extremely important.
Juan Ramon Rocha was coaching again and Krzysztof Warzycha was the top scorer, scoring 19 goals.
In 1996's Championship the following players participated: Wanchik, Nikopolidis, Apostolakis, Warzycha, G. Ch. Georgiadis, Donis, Kapouranis, Markos, Ouzounidis, G.S. Georgiadis, Lagonikakis, Kalitzakis, Maragkos, Boreli, Kolitsidakis, Christodoulou, Alexoudis, Nioplias, Goumas, Carvalho, Kaffes, Bassinas, Nikolaidis, Thomaidis.


The 19th Championship

Remaining during eight years without winning a Championship was too much for Panathinaikos. The team finally gained one after great efforts and strong battles till the last match!

The "Greens" made many changes in the summer. Velimir Jaec became the technical director, Itzhak Shoum was the coach. The roster was noticeably renewed with the newcomers Papadopoulos, Sanmartean, Morris, Gonzalez and Minch. Additionally Olisadebe, Constantinou and Seitaridis remained from the previous season.
The "Greens" were walking "hand in hand" with the "eternal" during all the season. The derby of the second round at Leoforos finished without a winner
(2-2). After a lot of suspense the competition was completed giving a happy end to Panathinaikos, who won the away matches against PAOK and Proodeftiki as well as the last one against Paniliakos disputed in the city of Pyrgos. Last minute's hero was Emmanuel Olisadebe.
In 2004's Championship the following players participated: Chalkias, Nikopolidis, Kotsolis, Seitaridis, Minch, Vyntra, Kyrgiakos, Goumas, Morris, Henriksen, Kotsios, Papadopoulos, Zoutaoutas, Sanmartean, Konstantinou, Bassinas, Sapanis, Olisadebe, Fyssas, Konstantinidis, Maric, Gonzalez, Watzycha, Gittas, Vlaovic, Mikaelsen, Deba, Epale.


The 20th Championship

This is the last Championship Panathinaikos won till today.

The early change of coaches during the season, as Nikos Nioblias succeeded Henk Ten Kate, seemed to have changed the psychology of the players. From December on, the "Greens" were heading with quite a lot of points the Championship. The victory against Asteras Tripolis in Arkadia, was decisive, five rounds before the end of the season. Jibril Cisse was the top scorer, posting 23 goals.
In 2010's Championship the following players participated: Galinovic, Karnezis, Tzorvas, Sariegui, Kante, Biarsmoir, Gabriel, Darlas, Marinos, Vyntra, Seitaridis, Spyropoulos, Ninis, Leto, Gilberto Silva, Christodoulopoulos, Simao, Karagounis, Katsouranis, Cisse, Tziolis, Cleiton, Rukavina, Salpigidis, Petropoulos, Mantzios, Fetsis.