The 1st Cup

Panathinaikos starts its victories in the field of domestic Cups, taking good "care" of Aris, at the final, in just four minutes time... How? By scoring three times before completing the first 15' of the match!

On their way to the Cup, the “Greens” eliminated successively Heraklis Serron, Apollon Athinon and Ethnikos. Top scorer was Dimitris Baltsis, who scored five goals in total, during the competition.


02/06/1940 – Leoforos Alexandras
Panathinaikos-Aris 3-1 (9′ Baltasis, 10′ Triantafyllis, 13′ Miyakis, 61′ Hatzinikolaou)
Panathinaikos: Hantzios, Syrkos, Kritikos, Strouboulis, Kaberos, Svolopoulos, Miyakis, Baltasis, Simeonidis, Triantafyllis, Tsoutsos.
Aris: Gotsis, Magras, Abrahamian, Stavrabeis, Siotis, Nikolaidis, Chatzinikolaou, Sidiropoulos, Vikelidis, Ramos, Koloniaris.


The 2nd Cup

Nikos Simos was the big star scoring twice in favor of his team - both goals by excellent shoots. The team won a second Cup, playing the final against AEK.

Earlier, the “Greens” had to overcome the obstacles of Olympiakos Patron, Elpida Dramas and Asteras. Simos scored eight times in total. He did so in three of the four games of the competition!


20/06/1948 – Leoforos Alexandras
Panathinaikos – ΑΕΚ 2-1 (16′, 49′ Simos / 20′ Maropoulos)
Panathinaikos: Mathios, Bogdanos, Kritikos, Gazis, Nikolopoulos, Chionidis, Dialetis, Ι. Papantoniou, Petsanas, Simos, Filaktos.
ΑΕΚ: Delavinias, Gasparis, Goulios, Vlantis, Tzanetis, Magiras, Adamidis, Emmanouilidis, Xenos, Maropoulos, Papantoniou.


The 3rd Cup

Having refurbished its stadium, almost as it looks today - surrounded by grandstands - in front of 25.000 spectators, a record by that time, Panathinaikos won rather easily his third Cup, playing against PAOK.

Previously the “Greens” have disqualified Asteras, OFI, Aris and Apollon. Vangelis Panakis, who scored five times, was the most valuable player of the competition.


12/06/1955 – Leoforos Alexandras
Panathinaikos – PAOK 2-0 (24′ Kourtzidis, 31′ Panakis)
Panathinaikos: Chalaris, Angelopoulos, Kourtzidis, Kazakos, Linoxylakis, Nebidis, Asimakopoulos, Fotinos, Ziemis, Petropoulos, Panakis.
PAOK: Progios, Kermanidis, Geroudis, Kaloyiannis, Hasiotis, Doukakis, Tsintoglou, Karafoulidis, Yentzis, Papadakis, Kiourtzis.


The 4th Cup

Twelve years later, the collaboration between Zacharias Pitichoutis and Haris Grammos' ...head, offered the fourth Cup in Panathinaikos' history. Panionios was the opposing team in a final refereed by Italian Peroni.

Before the “big” match, Stephan Bobek’s team had to fight against Asteras, Ethnikos, ΑΕΚ and Apollon Athinon. Yiannis Kalaitzidis was the top scorer, posting three goals.


05/07/1967 – Nea Filadelfia
Panathinaikos – Panionios 1-0 (56′ Grammosς)
Panathinaikos: Ikonomopoulos, Kamaras, Loukanidis, Sourpis, Bellis, Fylakouris, Pitichoutis, Papaemmanouil, Kalaitzidis, Domazos, Grammos.
Panioniosς:Kourkouvelas, Karayiannopoulos, Skrekis, Negris, Kazantzidis, Kyriazis, Th. Intzoglou, Chaitas, Athanasoulas, Dedes, Kollias.


The 5th Cup

Panathinaikos was, once more, the winner of the Cup, meeting Olympiakos... his eternal rival! The trophy was gained by tossing the coin; the task was done by game's referee Christos Michas. The final against Olympiakos was already concluding its extra time; final penalty procedure wasn't introduced yet.

On its way to the top Panathinaikos had to eliminate Asteras, Elefsina, Panachaiki and Panionios. The top scorer was Mimis Domazos, who scored 3 goals.


09/07/1969 – “Karaiskakis” stadium
Panathinaikos – Olympiakos 1-1 (49′ Sideris / 56′ Domazos)
Panathinaikos: Ikonommopoulos, MItropoulos, Kamaras, Sourpis, Athanasopoulos, Dimitriou, Eleftherakis, Rokidis (46′ Frantzis), Domazos, Grammos, (106′ Gonios), Fylakouris.
Olympiakos: Liadelis (57′ Xarchakos), Gaitatzis, Ayianian, Zanteroglou, Pavlidis, N. Sideris, Stoligas (67′ Michas), Vasiliou, G. Sideris, Koumarias, Botinos.


The 6th Cup

It was the most gripping Cup final in the last years! Thanks to a "race rocket" shoot by Valianos, Panathinaikos won PAOK just seven minutes before the whistling of the referee. The team was prepared for the double to come!

Previously, the “Greens” eliminated Kambaniakos, Kozani, Trikala, Egaleo by an unrepeatable 9-0 in the semi finals and Olympiakos during the extra time of the competition’s semifinal.


22/06/1977 – “Karaiskakis”
Panathinaikos – PAOK 2-1 (29′ Papadimitriou, 83′ Vakalis / 43′ Terzanidis)
Panathinaikos: Konstantinou, Dimitriou, Kizas, Kapsis (46′ Eleftheriadis), Stefanakis, Vakalis, Livathinos, Domazos, Papadimitriou, Antoniadis (59′ Yiannakoulas), Alvarez.
PAOK: MIlinis, Gounaris, Apostolidis, Pelios, Iosifidis, Terzanidis, Sarafis, Koudas, Anastasiadis, Damanakis, Guerino (77′ Orfanos).


The 7th Cup

The first professional title in the history of Panathinaikos became a reality and was ""sealed"" by Charalambidis! The scorer missed a penalty, won by Galakos, though it didn't cost him the Cup.

19/06/1982 –Νea Philadelphia
Panathinaikos– Larissa 1-0(49′ Charalambidis)

Panathinaikos: Konstantinou, Kyrastas, Simaioforidis, Kovis, Kapsis, Livathinos, Nikolae,Κouropoulos (78′Κatsiakos), Charalambidis (88′ Anastasiadis), Doken, Galakos.

Larissa: Plitsis, Parafestas, Patsiavouras, Galitsios, Argyroulis, Dramalis (82′ Voutiritsas), Goutas (82′ Mitsibonas), Golandas, Valaoras, Androudis,Μaloumidis.


The 8th Cup

In front of ... 72.829 spectators, the biggest number of fans attending a Greek Cup final ever, Panathinaikos won the team of Larissa and ""reserved"" the first professional double! On its way to the final the team was almost... walking, eliminating consecutively Almopos, Thiva, Paniliakos, Kallithea, Ethnikos, Egaleo.

Panathinaikos– Larissa 2-0 (18′ Th. Dimopoulos, 38′ Antoniou)

Panathinaikos: Laftsis, Tarassis,Κaroulias,Κirastas,Κapsis, Papavassileiou,Μavridis, Antoniou, Charalambidis, (83′ Gerothodoros), Rocha, Th. Dimopoulos (88’Τassopoulos).

Larissa: Plitsis, Parafestas, Patsiavouras, Mitsibonas, Galitsios, Voutiritsas, Kirilidis (46′ Tsiolis), Andreoudis, Ziogas, Kmietsik (72′ Gabetas),Μaloumidis.


The 9th Cup

The Cup was taken once more by Panathinaikos through a real triumph, as the final result showed.

Led by Dimitris Saravakos who annihilated Olympiakos’ defendants and scored twice! Before that final the “Greens” eliminated consequently Poseidon Michanionas, Makedonikos, Eolikos, Ergotelis and AΕΚ. By that time all rounds, except the first one, were played at home and also away. Thanasis Dimopoulos was the top scorer posting six goals, five of them in one single match!


28/05/1986 – ΟΑΚΑ
Panathinaikos – Olympiakos 4-0 (24′ Vlachos, 52′ Ch. Dimopoulos, 57′-72′ Saravakos)
Panathinaikos: Minou, Tarasis, Patsiavouras, Mavridis, Kyrastas, Jaec, Vlachos, Gerothodoros (62′ Rocha), Saravakos, Batsinilas, Ch. Dimopoulos (84′ Antoniou).
Olympiakos: Arvanitis, Xanthopoulos, Kokolakis. MIchos, Toyias, Papachristou, Mitropoulos, Semertzidis, Sestic, Anastopoulos, Vaitsis (46′ Papangelis).


The 10th Cup

Following a breathless Cup final, Panathinaikos prevailed over Olympiakos 4-3 in the penalties. The regular match finished 1-1 and the extra time 2-2.

The “Greens” were playing from the 79th minute with one player less, after Kosta Batsinilas’ expulsion. At the 120th minute, the ball following a shoot by Dimitri Saravakos, went straight to the crossbar.
For goalkeeper Nikos Sarganis this match was like Russian roulette. He didn’t just stopped two penalties but he also scored one!
The penalties evolution: Alexiou 0-1, Vlachos 1-1, Baniotis 1-2, Sarganis 2-2, Chatzidis- stopped, Ch. Dimopoulos 3-2, Apostolakis 3-3, Georgamlis 4-3, Founes-stopped.
Halkida, Kavala, Panserraikos, PAS Yiannina, Herodotos and Larissa … were eliminated on their way towards the Cup, during which Dimitris Satravakos scored 10 goals!


08/05/1988 – ΟΑΚΑ
Panathinaikos – Olympiakos 2-2 / 4-3 at penalties (31′ (pen.) Saravakos, 101′ Ch. Dimopoulos / 59′ (pen.)-96′ (pen.) Founes)
Panathinaikos: Sarganis, Chatziathanasiou, Vamvakoulas, Kalitzakis, Mavridis, Jaec (75′ Vlacho), Saravakos, Christodoulou (46’Batsinilas), Ch. Dimopoulos, Rocha, Georgamlis.
Olympiakos: Talikriadis, Apostolakis, Chatzidis, Alexiou, Baniotis, Tsalouchidis, Bonovas (46′ Moustakidis), Xanthopoulos, Founes, Mitropoulos, Tsiantakis.


The 11th Cup

Panionios resisted, but Panathinaikos decided to win one more Cup, the final between the two teams was played in the presence of ... 80.000 fans!

As usual, the “Greens” scored at the end of the first half and at the beginning of the second one and celebrated their second consecutive Cup. The first team they faced in the competition was Eordaikos and then Kozani, Olympiakos Volou, Panachaiki, PAS Yiannena and Ethnikos. Top scorer was Dimitris Saravakos, who scored seven goals.


11/05/1989 – ΟΑΚΑ
Panathinaikos – Panionios: 3-1 (8′ Mavridis, 44′ (pen.) Ch. Dimopoulos, 46′ Saravakos / 35΄ Zakkas)
Panathinaikos: Sarganis, Chatziathanassiou, Samaras, Kalitzakis, Mavridis, Saravakos, Antoniou, Ch. Dimopoulos (78′ Kourbnas), Georgakopoulosς (71′ Rocha), Georgamlis, Kalatzis.
Panionios: Papadopoulos, Chatzimoissiadis, Papoulidis, Koutropoulos, Togias, Kanarasάς (51′ Vasilakos), Michos, Aposporis (69′ Bersemi), Maragkos, Zakkas, Mavros.


The 12th Cup

Panathinaikos disposes now a ... dozen of Cups! This achievement is followed by the peculiarity of the double finals against Athinaikos and the great victories!

Vassili Daniil’s players, eliminate Aris Nikaias, Kalamaria, Diagoras, Paniliakos, Proodeftiki, Levadiakos, Ionikos and PAOK. Regarding the team’s “big gunner”, Dimitris Saravakos, he scored 10 times during the competition!


15/05/1991 – Leoforos Alexandras
Athinaikos – Panathinaikos 0-3 (70′ Kourbanas, 78′ Warzycha, 88′ Vlachos)
Athinaikos: Sarganis, Boutzoukas, Bassayianiis, Chatziaggelis, Theodorakos, Chatziraptis (72′ Bong), Zotalis, Tzalakostas, Kolev, (55′ Anastassiou), Tsavalias, Spiliotis.
Panathinaikos: Wanchik, apostolakis, Kalatzis, Christodoulou, Kalitzakis, Kourbanas, Frantzeskos (60′ Vlachos), Antoniou, Warzycha, Georgakopoulos (88′ Kalpakis), Maragkos.

22/05/1991 – ΟΑΚΑ
Panathinaikos – Athinaikos 2-1 (71′ Saravakos, 84′ Kourbanas / 45′ (πεν.) Zotalis)
Panathinaikos: Wanchik, Apostolakis, kalatzis, Christodoulou, Kalitzakis, Kourbanas, Apostolakis, Kourbanas, Maragkos (59′ Saravakos), Antoniou, Warzycha, Vlachos (46′ Frantzeskos), Georgamlis.
Athinaikos: Kantas, Bassayiannis, Tampratzis (46′ Bong), Chatziangelis, Spiliotis, Theodorakos, Chatziraptis, Vrynios, Dimopoulos, Zotalis (70′ Anastassiou), Tsavalias.


The 13th Cup

Krzysztof Warzycha's goal and one more, which was disallowed, is all what the 64.532 fans that watched the match, are going to remember... Panathinaikos prevailed over his eternal rival and won, once more, the second most important trophy of the country!

Just to mention that some Olympiakos’ football players decided to appear with new shirts and crewcut hair, although the result was not the one they expected… Elefsina, Kastoria, Kalamata, Trikala, Paniliakos, Heraklis, OFI and Apollon were the other “victims” of Panathinakos. Krzysztof Warzycha scored seven goals!


12/05/1993 – OAKA
Panathinaikos – Olympiakos 1-0 (13′ Warzycha)
Panathinaikos: Wanchik, Apostolakis, Kapouranis, Christodoulou, Kalitzakis, Mavridis, Ouzounidis, Antoniou, Warzycha (90′ Frantzeskos), Georgiadis (88′ Donis), Maragkos.
Olympiakos: Talikriadis, Pachatouridis, Karataidis, Mitsibonas, Mavromatis Tsalouchidis, Litoftsenko (77′ Karapialis), Tsiantakis, Protasov, Batista, Savidis (73′ Vaitsis).


The 14th Cup

In a turmoil and animated final, Panathinaikos prevails over ΑΕΚ in the heart-rending penalty procedure and wins the Cup again.

The “Greens” had to overcome adversities such as the forced substitutions of Krzysztof Warzycha and Juan Jose Boreli, during the match.
The penalties procedure was the following: Christodoulou 1-0, Savefski1-1, G. Ch. Georgiadis 2-1, Alexabdris 2-2, Ouzounidis 3-2, Tsartas out, Maragkos saved, Dimitriadis saved, Apostolakis 4-2.
To get till the final in ΟΑΚΑ stadium, Ramon Rocha’s team, had to confront Niki Volou, Keratsini, ΑΕΚ, OFI, PAOK τον ΠΑΟΚ, Ionikos and Heraklis. Warzycha becomes again the top scorer of the competition, scoring seven goals.


20/04/1994 – ΟΑΚΑ
Panathinaikos – ΑΕΚ 3-3 / 4-2 in penalties (31′ Warzycha, 54′ (self) Manolas, 115′ Markos / 71′-95′ Alexandris, 77′ Dimitriadis)
Panathinaikos: Wanchik, Apostolakis, Ouzounidis, Christodoulou, Kalitzakis, Nioplias, Boreli (67′ Maragkos), Kolitsidakis, Warzycha (65′ Donis), G. Ch. Georgiadis, Markos.
ΑΕΚ: Abadiotakis, Kopitsis, Karayiannis, Manolas Κοπιτσής, Sabanazovic (46′ Tsartas), Vlachos (59′ Dimitriadis), Alexandris, Stamatis, Savevski, Kasapis, Sliskovic.


The 15th Cup

Tradition goes on for Panathinaikos... who wins his third consecutive Cup, prevailing again over AEK, in the "revenge" of the previous final. Krzysztof Warzycha scored a penalty he gained from Vlachos.

The key point for winning the Cup was the elimination of Olympiakos 2-3 in an away match in Faliron, which … offered the ticket to the semifinals. The other teams eliminated by the “Greens” were Giannitsa, Aeolikos, Acharnaikos, Sparta, Apollon, Xanthi and Kavala. Everyone was surprised to see Giorgos Donis as the team’s top scorer in that competition, scoring 11 goals!


19/04/1995 – ΟΑΚΑ
Panathinaikos – ΑΕΚ 1-0 (118′ (pen.) Warzycha)
Panathinaikos: Wanchik, Apostolakis, Ouzounidis (64′ Kolitsidakis), G. Ch. Georgiadis, Kalitzakis, Kapouranis, Boreli, Nioplias, Warzycha, Markos, Donis (73′ Alexoudis).
ΑΕΚ: Atmatzidis, Agoroyiannis, (73′ Kopitsis), Papadopoulos, Manolas, Sabanatzovic (117′ Borbokis), Vlachos, Saravakos, Savevski, Dimitriadis, Tsartas, Kasapis.


The 16th Cup

Panathinaikos won one more "double", as additionally to the Championship the team gained also the Cup.

In the competition’s final, they prevailed easily over Olympiakos. Thanks to a very successful appearance and two goals scored by Michalis Konstantinou, the team showed in its best way who is the “boss”! Niki Volou, OFI, Patraikos and AEK were eliminated by the team of Israeli Coach Itzhak Shoum. Dimitris Papadopoulos scored three goals in that competition, becoming his team’s top scorer.


08/05/2004 – Nea Smyrni ground.
Panathinaikos – Olympiakos 3-1 (3′ Papadopoulos, 67′-81′ Konstantinou / 65′ Giovanni)
Panathinaikos: Chalkias, Seitaridis, Minch, Morris, Goumas, Henriksen, Bassinas, Makaelsenν (77′ Zoutaoutas), Gonzalez (89′ Wyntra), Papadopoulos (68′ Sapanis), Konstantinou.
Olympiakos: Yiannou, Pantos, Venetidis, Anatolakis, Vallasς (21′ Mavroyennidis), Carembeu, Georgatos (15′ Choutos, 53′ Kouzba), Stoltidis, Georgevic, Castillo, Giovanni.


The 17th Cup

One more "double" is gained as Panathinaikos won a Cup, playing against Aris. Sebastian Leto is the great figure of the match, scoring by a strong diagonal shoot from far away.

In the previous stages, Eordaikos, Pierikos, Kallithea and PAS Yiannina were eliminated by the outstanding footballers of Coach Nikos Nioplias. Concerning the goals: Ande Roukavina, Sotitris Ninis and Silva Kleiton scored two goals each!


24/04/2010 – ΟΑΚΑ

Panathinaikos -Aris 1-0 (63′ Leto)
Panathinaikos: Tzorvas, Kante, Katsouranis, Vyntra, Spyropoulos, Simao, Gilberto, Ninis (65′ Marinos), Salpigidis (62′ Karagounis), Leto (79′ Christodoulopoulos), Cisse.
Aris: Sifakis, Neto, Giaro, Nasouti, Vangeli, Nafti (73′ Fernandez), Calvo (83′ Antu), Meriem (66′ Javito), Ptittas, Koke, Cambora


The 18th Cup

Achieving high standards of performance, Panathinaikos is the undoubted protagonist of the 72nd final for the Greek Cup.

Marcus Berg realizes a hat trick and the “Greens” showed their real objectives! They prevailed by an impressive way over PAOK winning 4-1. Previously Ergotelis, Heraklis Psachnon, Olympiakos Volou and OFI experienced several defeats. Scoring 6 goals, Berg becomes the top scorer of the competition.


26/04/2014 – ΟΑΚΑ
PAOK – Panathinaikos 1-4 (70′ (pen.) Voukic / 15′,50′,88′ Berg, 54′ Karelis)
PAOK: Glykos, Skondras (77′ Koulouris), Tzabellas, Vitor, Insuaralde, Stoch, Lazar (55′ Lino), Katse, Kitsiou, Loukas (55′ Voukic), Salpigidis.
Panathinaikos: Kotsolis, Nano, Schindellfield, Koutroubis, Triantafyllopoulos, Mentes, Pranic, Zeca, Abeid (75′ Lagos), Karelis (71′ Atzagoun), Berg (89′ Petric).