We kindly ask the representatives of the Media who wish to be accredited for the home matches of Panathinaikos, to fill in the form within the deadline set every time, according to our pertinent information.

The accreditation is strictly personal, cannot be transferred and demarcates the zone and seat in which the accredited person has access and can exercise his duties (Press box, Press area, pitch for photographers etc.)

The approval of every accreditation depends on the availability of seats in the Press box and is determined by Panathinaikos’ discretion and in coordination with the Authorities in charge.

An identity control can be realized in the stadium at any time, thus the accredited persons should necessarily hold an identity document (Press or Photo journalist ID, Police ID, Passport etc).

All accreditations are property of FC Panathinaikos and can be cancelled at any time in case of misuse.

We kindly ask every Media to send us their applications altogether mentioning if these are for the accreditation of journalists or photo reporters. Every Media will have to fill in the form only once, writing in the required field all the names of its journalists/photo reporters willing to be accredited, separating every name by a comma or a dot.

The accreditations every Media can receive are as follows:

Sports newspapers: Up to 3*

Radio stations transmitting the match: Up to 3 (including the sound engineer)

Sites: Up to 2

Newspapers in general: Up to 2

Television stations broadcasting all over Greece but not transmitting the match: Up to 2**

Radio stations not transmitting the match: 1**

Other newspapers: 1**

Photo agencies: Up to 8

*The number of accreditations for sports newspapers addressing exclusively fans of other teams is 1.

** Television and Radio stations that don’t transmit the match as well as any other newspaper will be accredited only upon availability.

Other activities

During no match days all television crews, journalists and photo reporters must receive a special permit from Panathinaikos’ Press office, in order to assure the presence of duty officers for security and service purposes at the stadium.


For any further information or any issue related to the Press Office you are kindly asked to send all requirements through e-mail to: [email protected] mailto: [email protected]


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