Using Piraeus Bank Panathinaikos FC Visa credit card for your transactions you earn shamrocks and win gifts and unique experiences with your favorite team.

Make your dreams come true by using Panathinaikos F.C. Visa!

Gift categories:


Select one of the following gifts:

1. Panathinaikos scarf.

2. Personalized digital player’s autographs and 3 screensavers/photos from matches and team celebrations.

3. Kid’s gift: “Panathas” beanie & a set of players’ autographs.


Select one of the following gifts:

1. T-shirt Panathinaikos.

2. PUMA ball signed by a player.

3. Kid’s gift: Meeting and photo opportunity in the ground with “PANATHAS” the mascot and 2 invitations to watch a game in Leoforos ground (kid& parent).


Select one of the following gifts:

1. €20 gift voucher for purchases from the Official Store in the home ground, on Tsocha street.

2. Guidedtour of “G. Kalafatis” training Center for 2 persons.

3. Kid’s gift: Accompanying a player on the pitch as a Line-up kid.


Select one of the following gifts:

1. Official Shirt

2. Watching a home match from speaker’s Master Booth (for 1 person)

3. Kid’s gift: Interview your favorite player or the Coach.


Select one of the following gifts:

1. Watching the training of the first team at “G. Kalafatis” training center and dining with the players, for 2 persons. Additionally you get a Shirt and a scarf.

2. Two match day tickets in a distinguished gate section, in a home match (limited availability of tickets per match.)

3. Kid’s gift: Meeting with the MAN OF THE MATCH, the most valuable player of the match. Watching him being awarded in the mixed zone and take photo with the player. The gift experience includes the player’s Shirt, a scarf and match tickets for two persons.


Select one of the following gifts:

1. Meet your favorite player, take pictures with him and get his Shirt with his signature on it as a gift.

2. Guided tour of Leoforos ground on the day of the match (2 tickets, shirt & scarf).

3. Kid’s gift: Spend a day like a player! You are welcomed at the training center to follow a typical daily schedule of a player: Team’s preparation and training in the ground in the gym etc The schedule is concluded after dining with the Team and the technical staff, the signing of a Shirt and some photo opportunities.


Select one of the following gifts:

1. Collectible set of the home and away Shirts, signed by all players.

2. Meet a Legend: Meet the outstanding figures of football (veteran players/coaches) at Leoforos ground in a home match. Watch the match from the VIP section (for 3 persons).

3. Economy Season Ticket. Alternatively you have the option to upgrade your Season Ticket by paying the difference.

Notes: The indication of seat and its price are defined by a relevant announcement during the Club’s Season Ticket sales period. Accumulation of more than one unit of 3.000 shamrocks exchange, in order to purchase one Season Ticket is not allowed.

4. Kid’s gift: Celebrate your birthday with “PANATHAS” our official mascot. Appearance of the mascot at kid’s birthday party, bringing the Shirt of your favorite player as a special gift!

Dear fans, bear in mind that the offering of all gifts and services mentioned above depends on their availability. Concerning home matches, explicitly, these gifts are not offered in large popularity matches.

You can see the terms of the award program here.

For further information please call 18 28 38 or click here.