An expanded network of 48 football academies all over Greece as well as in Cyprus, USA and Africa operates under the auspices and the certification of Panathinaikos FC and the general supervision of its Football Director, Gilberto Silva.

The ideals and the philosophy of the Club which introduced football in Greek society and created the first football academy in Greece, reflects eternally in the network of Panathinaikos Schools.

The modern training methods, the sports psychology and the planning of a high level service determines the way schools operate by employing a total of 130 qualified coaches in 120 coaching sections.

With these features, we build from one generation to another the sports community of Panathinaikos, through programs for young boys and girls aged between 5 up to 15 years.

We stand close to them in every step and we build a relationship of trust both ways in order to help the youngsters to become better athletes and better human beings, to learn how to play football and make their dream become true!

The programs are addressed not only to future football players, dreaming to progress in the Academy and even join Panathinaikos´ first team but also to every child just willing to enjoy the game, to make new friends and live from very close a unique experience in an active lifestyle.

Our aim for all parents is to make them feel confident about the creative engagement of their children. The coaches are guiding the development of the children and the Club contributes so that one more generation of footballers meets the contemporary challenges inside and outside the pitch.

For further information please call +30.210 6470970 (ext. 3) from 9:00 to 17:00 hours. Contact Person: Mr. Stamatis Argyris.You can also see more about the Schools network by clicking HERE