As it happens to other football Clubs, to ECA and UEFA, Panathinaikos and PSS participate in this European campaign 10-18/9 in order to attract citizens towards sports and to their daily exercise which improves the physical and mental health of both the young and adult fellow citizens.

In particular, for the parents and the children of Panathinaikos Soccer Schools, the Sports Psychologist of Panathinaikos FC, Mrs. Maria Psychoundakis, sends her personal message with a particular value:

Sport life educates us in the most pleasant way, because while we feel happy and relaxed at the same time we acquire a clear thinking and we increase our concentration.

Children who practice sports have a positive image of themselves and reflect a strong sense of confidence which reduces their stress compared to children who are not exercising at all.

Sport, is an ideal environment for the development of life skills for children and will always work beneficially to our adulthood.

Hence, those who learn how to practice during their childhood will always seek to exercise and keep themselves fit.

Because movement is life, so #BeActive!.