About 120 young players participated in the 5th Skills Tournament of Panathinaikos Soccer Schools.

During the two-day sports evaluation the children trained under the guidance of Panathinaikos Academy trainers, such as Messrs. Tarassis, Lagonikakis, Papadakis, Klis and Mavroudis, while the scouts of the infrastructure department Messrs. Markos, Batsinilas, Argyris, Famelis, Kaffes and Zaharopoulos will observe their characteristics and their abilities.

At the same time, advices to children were given by Panathinaikos staff made up by Nutritionist Ms. Tonia Machaira and Psychologist Mrs. Maria Psychoundakis.

School officials, coaches and parents of the children who were present at “Apostolos Nikolaidis” Stadium were also welcomed by members of Panathinaikos and the Managing Director of the Schools and Vice President of the Club Mr. Vassilis Konstantinou.

We would like to express our gratitude to Europaiki Pisti Insurance Company for the insurance coverage of our athletes, Pizzafan and 3E for their kind sponsorship.

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