“Addicted” to victories, Panathinaikos’ U20, won the team of Panetolikos 2-1, despite the fact of being back in the score in a game realized in “G. Kalafatis” training center, in Koropi, for the 20th match day of Super League’s U20 championship.

The young “Greens” started the game in a rather nervous way and were unable to get to their usual performance in the first half of the duel, especially in the creative part. From a preventive point of view the performance wasn’t good either and the result was to let an early goal in, just in the 12th minute, by a shoot that could have been by all means avoided. Panathinaikos tried to overcome a bit later, trying to forget the negative start, by taking the reins of the duel. Indeed, in the period between the 20th and up to the 45th minute, the “Shamrock” prevailed in the pitch creating two or three good chances to draw, missing only to finalize its efforts.

Finally the equalizer came by an own goal in the last minute of the first period, after a corner which brought the ball to the center of the box. The score was 1-1, when the second part started. This second part was a “monologue” for the “Greens” who dominated the whole game. The team created three or four good chances and finally, in the 74th minute Dimitroulas scored the reversing goal, which gave Panathinaikos its fifth consecutive victory. This way the “Greens” continued their victories in a raw and kept up “chasing” the first place of the scoreboard.

The team:

Panathinaikos: Xenopoulos, Valmas, Doko, Zervopoulos, Mavromatis, Migos (55’ Theocharis), Papanikolaou, Angelopoulos (84’ Manidakis), Dimitroulas, Bouzoukis, Xepapadakis (68’ Kountouriotis).