Playing much better during the whole match, Panathinaikos U20 team lost many chances to make the score wider but was able to prevail over Xanthi 2-0 in a game held at Pigadia Athletic center for the 15th match day of the Super League U20 championship.

Although Panathinaikos was late in scoring, its total image was such that it was clear, from the very beginning, that they would be getting a positive result as a proof of their superiority. The “Greens” were the best team in the pitch controlling totally the duel from the first till the last minute. Xanthi, on the other side, was never able to threaten. Frantzeskos’ and Tarassis’ footballers were easily losing the chances they were creating by the same ease, letting the game open and the score equal 0-0. This was the score the first half ended even though the “Shamrock” has had do many chances that they could have scored at least 2 or 3 goals! The same image continued during the beginning of the second half. However things changed in the 57th minute as Zografakis opened the score by a shoot from the box putting his team ahead in the score. The hosting team was unable to react after that, while the “Greens” controlled and managed the score correctly. The finishing touch came just before the end, in the 87th minute, when Emmanouelidis, who by an impressive personal initiative, entered the box and shot successfully scoring the second and final goal for his team.

By this score and having one more game pending, to complete the first round, Panathinaikos has already assured the first place halfway from the end of the competition, getting the “informal” title of Champion of the winter season.


Panathinaikos: Chalkidis, Alexandropoulos, Zografakis, Theocharis, Zervopoulos, Skederai, Apostolakis (46’ Vlachopoulos), Bouzoukis (Dirmisi), Emmanuelidis, Xepapadakis (60’ Dimitroulas), Sehou.