On Monday, November 3, the ISA (International School of Athens) in collaboration with the organization FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) and Panathinaikos FC organized a mini football tournament with students from ISA, the Polish School of Athens and the Filipinnes Community in Athens.

The tournament took place in ZIRINIO stadium and the purpose of the event was “children to show Red Card to Racism”.

In this year’s event the players of Panathinaikos FC Stefanos Kotsolis and David Mendes da Silva spoke and shared their experiences with the students.

Midfielder David Mendes da Silva mentioned that “All human beings are equal, made of blood and muscles” and goalkeeper Stefanos Kotsolis underlined that “throughout my career I have worked with athletes of different nationalities, religions and color and with all I had an excellent cooperation, working together like a family.

ISA operates in Greece since 1972, is English speaking and is based on international standards of learning as it is recognized by the IB Worlwide Schools and the Middle Stage Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA).