Panathinaikos FC farewell Kostas Linoxilakis, an important football player who honored the Club and the National team as well.

Born in Rethymno in 1933, the virtuoso defender of Panathinaikos, celebrated four championships (1953, 1960, 1961, 1962), one Cup and he had five European appearances with his beloved team.

Wearing the Shamrock on his chest, he played 101 times for Panathinaikos and 28 for the national team of Greece.

Kostas Linoxilakis left his own mark in greek football history as a talented and strong defender and as the chief of Panathinaikos during ’50s and early ’60s.

The loss of Kostas Linoxilakis (81 years old) is a great loss for Panathinaikos family, as he honored with his strength and character our Club.

Kostas will always be a beautiful and proud part of our history.