Panathinaikos faithful to his moral and social tradition, was the sponsor of equipment, supporting people of thirteen Charity Organisations of Attica who participated in athletics meeting “15 years Konialideia”.

Our Club is an eternal believer in educational and social role of sports and for that reason we are very happy to support and encourage our fellow citizens with mental difficulties to struggle with hope at every moment of their lives.

After the parade of participants, held at the Municipal Gym Filothei “I. Kyriakides, the athletes competed in different sports such as  throwing softballs and running 50 and 100 meters.

The club honored the participants and those in turn offered us handmade metal souvenirs that symbolise the “Estia” Organisation that mainly organised the sport meeting.

ESTIA was founded in 1982 by parents and friends of people with mental retardation and is based in privately owned buildings granted by the great benefactor Nick Konialidis. ESTIA, specializes in providing support to people with Intellectual disabilities in aim of improving quality of life and to make their inclusion in the community as normal as possible.