Panathinaikos gives an opportunity to the fans of the team, who are also friends of technology to acquire new Tablets with a Shamrock badge.

For our adult fans MLS PAO fan Tab is a device with a stylish and practical design, with an impressive 8 inches bright screen and a 1280 x 800 IPS resolution, which offers vibrant colors for beautiful entertainment experiences. Additionally the storage space of 8 GB ensures that you are always going to have memory in the tablet.

Still, MLS PAO fan Tab recommends you MAIC, an important innovation which works as a personal assistant. Disposing of a single voice command, MAIC is able to locate information, translate, understand and write your mail and look for videos on YoutubeTM.

Furthermore, Talk & Drive, the MLS navigator which has already conquered the Greek market exists also in the MLS PAO fan Tab. Just tell the device where would you like to go and your new tablet will guide you there quickly, easily and safely.

For our young friends PAO Fan Tab Kido is both entertaining and instructive! Aimed to primary school children it disposes and has rich educational games and applications helping them to do some arithmetic calculations, to write words, to play with colors, images, etc. Parents can pre-select the applications to which the child will be allowed to access, for how long he is going to play and whether he will have Internet access. Having these and many other possibilities MLS PAO Fan Tab Kido is an educational, safe and playful Tablet!

Both Panathinaikos new products can be purchased in our stores on Leoforos Alexandras Stadium , Tsoha gates 9-11, tel. 210-6437333 and on 47, Pandrosou str, Monastiraki, tel. 210-3216230.

From the 21st of May you can order online at