Panathinaikos was decisive and superior to his rival during the whole duel. The “Greens” prevailed over Platanias 2-0, after six negative results in a raw, thanks to two goals scored by Villafañez by penalty in a match held at “Ap. Nicolaidis” stadium for the 16th match day of Super League Greece championship.

From the very beginning of the match Panathinaikos showed its will to dominate in the pitch, to press and lead the game by scoring a quick goal. Kourbelis’ move to the defense and the positioning of Lod in the middle helped both the passing game and the attacks. The “Shamrock” developed its attacks and broke the opponent’s defense from the left wing. The new “twin wingers” Insua and Mounier pressed their hosts a lot. The French player did his most complete performance wearing the green jersey, being present in all chances created into Platanias’ box, either by creating or by executing them. Nevertheless, Kljajic, the new goalkeeper of the Cretans showed very good abilities and was the main or even the exclusive reason or which both teams went to the pause without scoring.

Panathinaikos started the second half with a forced substitution as Lod left the pitch due to an injury in his head. HewassubstitutedbyHiljemark.Nothing really changed as the “Greens” continued striking their rivals, limiting them to a strictly passive role. They kept their nets untouchable thanks to the performance of their goalie. As time was passing the pressure to score a goal was increasing. In the 72nd minute Dikamona stopped a shoot by Villafañez with his hand. The Argentinean player executed the penalty and one minute later he scored the first goal (1-0). During the last 20 minutes, despite the change in the score, the image remained the same. The “Greens” continued to dominate the game without being able, though, to take profit of their chances. Just few moments before the end of the match, during additional time, a second goal was scored in the same way the first one was achieved (2-0). Again a shoot by Villafañez was stopped by an opponent hand and again the Argentinean player executed successfully a second penalty and sealed the victory of his team. Platanias was playing with one player less, during the last 10 minutes, due to the correct expulsion of Dikamona who saw a second yellow card.

This way Panathinaikos won again, after the 9th match game in the derby against Olympiakos, starting in the best possible way its commitments for 2018.


Panathinaikos:Vlachodimos, Coulibaly, Kolovetsios, Kourbelis, Insua,Τζανδάρης,Λουντ(46′Χίλιεμαρκ), Villafañez,Μουνιέ(81′Χατζηγιοβάνης), Altman, Pispas (62′ Donis).

Platanias:Κljajic, Oues (44′ Stamou), Dikamona, Karypidis, Wanderson, Korovesis, Dimoutsos, Angelopoulos, Papanikolaou (68′ Petropoulos), Ensikolou, Grzeldcak (64′ Duala).