He is considered one of the top Greek goalkeepers of the season. Sokratis Dioudis reminded to all those who had a … weak memory, how good he is under the goalposts and that he deserves a place in the Greek National team! In the second match for the play off competition, Panathinaikos is still going on, mainly thanks to his goalkeeper’s abilities. The 0-0 draw is a result achieved thanks to the impressive saves of Dioudis.

Panathinaikos wasn’t good.  In the first half, precisely, the team was unacceptable. For the first time during these last years, the “Greens” showed that they were unable to do the obvious and keep their rivals away from their box, playing in a home game. PAOK could have been leading the score, but in football goalkeepers also exit… for some reason! Dioudis did some excellent saves keeping his goalposts untouchable, especially during the period his team showed particular weakness, being unable to control the ball and having lost their concentration.

The entrance of Ayoub from the very beginning of the second half helped Panathinaikos to keep the ball, to “brush” his game and to gain spaces in the pitch. PAOK seemed to be again more aggressive but in the second half the “shamrock” had also opportunities to achieve something.

The final result (0-0) keeps Panathinaikos away from his challenge to get to the second place, though there are eight more games to go.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Johansson, Insua, Kolovetsios, Schenkeveld, Kourbelis, Donis (73′ Kabetsis), Ζahid (46′ Ayoub), Bouzoukis (87′ Kolovos), Chatzigiovanis (57′ Anuar), Macheda  (87′ Nunes).

PAOK: Paschalakis, Vieirinha (46′ Matos), Varela, Ingason, Giannoulis, Esiti (86′ Mauricio), Εl Kaddouri, Limnios (86′ Swiderski), Pelkas (77′ Rodrigo), Biseswar (46′ Lambrou), Akpοm.