Panathinaikos FC and the Municipality of Athens move on together with a common target: that our city, Athens, will be standing by and supporting all our fellow men and co-citizens, especially this period of quarantine as for COVID-19.

Panathinaikos FC takes the initiative to proceed with a donation which is going to change the everyday life of many of our fellow citizens. Our Club will embrace during the coming 12 months the Hospitality house for Women Victims of Violence and their children, which operates under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens. Panathinaikos FC will cover by own funding all the running costs of the Hospitality house. The Club will also support initiatives in order to ameliorate in the best way the operational conditions for all those who stay or work in that house.

Mr. Manos Mavrokoukoulakis, President and Managing Director of FC Panathinaikos mentioned in his statement: «We keep up our great collaboration with the Municipality of Athens, the city Panathinaikos was born in. We understand how critical are the times we are experiencing due to COVID-19 pandemic and all the priorities the Municipality of Athens has to deal with. We, Panathinaikos FC, show our great concern toward a vulnerable social group of fellow citizens. Our concerns for our capital city are granted. Be assured that we are going to continue our common actions with the Municipality of Athens, because Panathinaikos and Athens go together».

Mr.Kostas Bakoyiannis, Mayor of Athens, strengthened: «During these hard times collaboration and alliance in order to protect and support the needy are essential. These actions are our tool of defense against this pandemic. I would like to thank Panathinaikos FC for being worthy of himself in these circumstances and for supporting our efforts so that no one stays without assistance. We are uniting our forces in order to overcome this crisis together».

Mr. Leonidas Boutsikaris, Vice-president of the Club and Ms. Constantina Skorda, in charge of our Corporate Social Responsibility operations, delivered to Mr. Grigoris Leon, President of the Reception and Solidarity Center of the Municipality of Athens, the first necessary electro domestic appliances and the gifts for the children residing in the Hospitality house.