The program on the events dedicated to the 43rd anniversary on Wembley’s Final has been presented during a press conference held at Leoforos Stadium. The anniversary will be celebrated with the ceremony of unveiling of Ferenc Puskas’ bust.

The President of Panathinaikos’ amateurs club, Ilias Michalarias, the Vice- president of the Football Club, Vassilis Konstantinou, the Hungarian Ambassador in Greece, Eszter Sandorfi and the responsible of Puskas Academies, Mr. Gusztav Mravik, participated at the speakers panel.

The President of Panathinaikos’ amateurs club, Ilias Michalarias after presenting the program of the events added: “We are the organizers, we are the new generation. Our aim is to establish and celebrate this anniversary. I have to give the floor to the main figures of that era and to one of them, who is sited next to me, is Vassilis Konstantinou“.

The Vice-president of the Football Club, Vassilis Konstantinou, mentioned during his speech that: “From the part of the veteran players, we would like to enjoy the event. Though we would also like to say thank you, for the 43rd anniversary on Wembley’s Final adding that we, 22 young Greek boys created a unique family, a unique team, in order to achieve high scores. We had the pleasure and the luck to have with us a man, who came to Panathinaikos and gave us the opportunity to realize who Puskas was and what a huge personality of the International football he was. I would like to say and to remind that Wembley’s Final was the biggest distinction of that era and its afterwards, as till today, except of Panathinaikos, no other Greek team was able to participate at the Champions Cup final, which was by that time the Champion’s League final“.

The Hungarian Ambassador in Greece, H.E. Mrs. Eszter Sandorfi, strengthened: ” It is a pleasure and an honor being here today. During these three years of my presence here, the first word people are telling me when I am saying that I am from Hungary is firstly Puskas and the second one is Budapest. This shows more than anything else that 43 years later everybody remembers the name of Ferenc Puskas.

The ceremony of unveiling of the commemorative bust will be realized by Hungarian Prime minister Victor Orban. Nevertheless and in order not to look only at the past, just after the ceremony a football match between Panathinaikos U17 Academies and Puskas Academy will follow”.

At the end of the press conference the responsible for Puskas Academies, Gusztav Mravik presented some of the objects which are going to be exposed at the Cultural Center of Athens during an exhibition open to the public from the 3rd till the 22nd of June.

2nd of June 1971 – 2nd of June 2014: Forty three years later, Panathinaikos Athletic Club in collaboration with Panathinaikos Football Club and the Embassy of Hungary on a boundary date for the Club and the Greek football is organizing several events in honor of the big coach Ferenc Puskas (1st of April 1927 – 17th of November 2006). These events will culminate with the ceremony of unveiling of the bust of the “galloping major”, to be placed in Apostolos Nikolaidis stadium.