This Christmas Season, OPAP reaffirms its commitment to the young generation and proceeds to infrastructure works in the institutions of “Together for Children” Association, aiming to support the everyday life of the children. The infrastructure works that will be completed in 2016,refer to constructions, repair and maintenance works, supply of technological equipment and modernization of services and facilities.

At the same time, OPAP invited Panathinaikos to visit its Christmas Galleries, where the company exhibits the wishes drawn by the children of “Together for Children” Association. Through the activation the general public is motivated to engage by choosing the wish that they want to fulfill.

Panathinaikos was there every time it was needed in order to support this important action. With 6 of our players, Kaltsas, Steele, Mesto, Lagos, Zeca and Thelander we distributed the gifts to the children and entertained them, contributing in the effort.

We are happy to support this vulnerable category of people that needs our attention and care, especially in this period that is too hard for our society in different aspects.