The new sanction enforced by Mr. Kontonis, Vice minister for sports, against Panathinaikos FC, concerning the game versus Olympiacos which has not been realized is internationally unprecedented and crushing. The FC will appear before all competitive Court Authorities in order to overturn this unprecedented and unlawful sentence.Violence in any form has to be condemned and Panathinaikos prevails in any actions to restrain it. Violence is the main product of corruption which is destroying Greek football for years.Unfortunately, Panathinaikos believed to Mr. Kontonis’ statements of last year about equal rights for everyone and reinstatement of the reliability of the matter, so terribly affected.As it is proven, the Vice minister is not interested at all to remediate; in the contrary with these actions he is enforcing this corrupted system.

As a result, only Panathinaikos is punished once more. Simultaneously the Authorities protect the current situation in football. We shall not give up, though. At the end justice will prevail and fairness will be established.We note that all efforts about changing the actual situation, with statements, allegedly, against the Greek Football Federation and referee officers are frustrating and misleading. In reality, as it has been proven, this system becomes a conversational partner, gains power and remains invulnerable.