“During the match against Veria, where flares were thrown by Olympiakos’ fans, though the match was not interrupted at all, Platanias’ player Koulibali, was hit when a lighter was thrown against him by supporters of the team from Piraeus, again. Spathas followed Mitsios. Instead of a definitive interruption, at Piraeus team expense, there was not even a temporary interruption. Article 15 of the Football Match Regulations (KAP) was transformed into a ragged piece of paper! The scandals are succeeding one the other while officials who participate in betting frauds and other serious criminal and football offences remain regularly unpunished. Finally, Panathinaikos is the one to be permanently sanctioned and it is obvious that a hard work is done to exterminate the club, though in vain. It seems that Olympiakos is above any law an above the Football Match Regulations. We demand from the Authorities to assume all actions and responsibilities on the issue.”