“About the joint communiqué of Mssrs. Kontonis and Toskas for the arrangement in gates 1 and 12 at the stadium “Apostolos Nikolaidis” the FC would like to mention the following:

– The Ministers should be serious when they deal with issues of their competence and should be well informed about the real facts before making announcements which expose them.
– FC Panathinaikos has asked, by doing everything provided by laws and procedures, for the increase of the capacity at the gates 1 and 12 up to 1.800 seats, in order to meet the increasing demand from the fans, as the unlawful sanction of Kontonis caused the loss of 4.800 seats from Leoforos ground.
– The Police improperly and in spite of the in situ inspection of the ground installations by the competent inspection committee, which didn’t notice any substantial problem, refused to allow the selling of 1,800 tickets for gates 1 and 12, obeying to the orders of Minister Kontonis.
– Following all this, obviously the FC did not issue any tickets, in spite of the strong demand of the fans and the economic damage that such action caused. Though, for the Ministers, the words “economic loss” and “gain” are rather unknown and remain exempted from their own worldview.
Through this announcement – which was unnecessarily signed by the Deputy Minister of Citizen’s Protection- Mr. Kontonis confirms his anger against Panathinaikos and its fans.

Panathinaikos FC reserves all its legal rights and will consider legal actions to be indemnified for defamation of the company by the Minister and for any incidental and consequential damage”.