“Panathinaikos FC trying to satisfy the demand of the fans for tickets for the match of our team against PAOK, next Sunday, 21st of February 21 and due to the unfair and unlawful sanction decided by Kontonis for the closing of gates 13 and 14, proceeded to a new arrangement regarding the capacity in gates 1 and 12.
For that reason, all the necessary actions have been done with the State and its competent Authorities in order to satisfy the demands of the fans and to increase its revenues at these hard times.
After many days of bureaucratic procedures, between servants who did not want to take responsibility or use common sense; followed by an in situ investigation by the competent committee for the licensing of sporting facilities, the police improperly didn’t allow the selling of additional tickets, mentioning the sanction of Panathinaikos by Mr. Kontonis.

It seems that the wrath of Mr. Kontonis against Panathinaikos is a transferred one and influences all the Authorities. We reserve all our legal rights, as everything will be judged in the Court, to which Panathinaikos FC has appealed.

PS 1. Mr. Kontonis, what is your comment on the reversal of the first instance verdict, regarding the sanction on Olympiakos’ seat, for objects thrown by its fans at the match against Platanias? “