” FC Panathinaikos submitted today, by its President Mr. Yiannis Alafouzos, to the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court a lawsuit complaint report on corruption issues in the Greek football.
Main issues such as hiding of critical evidence and recorded transcript material, which has never been submitted to the competent committee of the “Koriopolis” case, appear in the report. The judicial negligence led to the criminal ban of a great part of the same case. The violation of regulations by referee Papas, both at the match Panathinaikos vs Olympiacos and in the one of the Cup between PAOK vs Olympiakos, the presence of the referee Mantalos as fourth official at the match Olympiakos vs Panathinaikos, although highly incriminating information appears on him, from the recorded evidence of “Koriopolis”, the “incendiary” arbitration of Kyzas in the match between Olympiakos vs Panathinaikos.
Additionally, the FC underlines that the alteration of the results in the Greek football and the action of a criminal organization are continuing. These events provoke violence and systematically devalue both the sport as a discipline and Greece.
Panathinaikos is confident that Greek Justice will firmly continue to struggle against the underworld of football”.