A few years before Panathinaikos’ home, the stadium of “Leoforos“, completes a century of life, the largest effort in the last decades in order to adapt “Apostolos Nikolaidis” stadium to the demanding reality of the modern era is starting.

Since 1922, when the construction of the stadium in Perivola, in the neighborhood of Ambelokipi begun and until today, in 2016, “Leoforos” ground has changed many times. The … one year old ground could host then up to 6,000 spectators. Gradually much more works were realized: A wooden bleacher was build in 1928, a covered one made out of concrete appeared in 1931 and then curves, lights, turf pitch, the “Tomb of the Hindu” were built. A great renovation was done in 2000. Some improvement was realized also in 2013.

Today, May 9, 2016, a press conference regarding the campaign for the refurbishment of the natural seat of our Club took place there. This event was attended by the president of the Football Club, Giannis Alafouzos, the president of Panathinaikos Amateur Club Elias Michalarias, as well as the “ambassadors” of the project: Antonis Antoniadis, Juan Ramón Rocha, Dimitris Saravakos, Jose Carlos Gonçalves, Marcus Berg, Sebastian Leto, Dimitris Andreopoulos and Xanthi Mylonas.

The panel was also shared by Maria Kokkinou, representative of the architect’s office “Kokkinou – Kourkoulas”, Selini Efthimiou marketing director of Panathinaikos FC and Stamatis Garris, the Club’s press and communication director. At the event were also present both Andrea Stramaccioni with his assistant Roberto Muzzi, Players Tassos Lagos and Stefanos Kotsolis, were representing their teammates .

Panathinaikos’ family stands side by side in an effort that no one should miss. This is, essentially, a “Green crusade” so that the Club will acquire the new, modern stadium which it really deserves.

Each fan can now become a sponsor for the new “Leoforos” stadium.

The two stages of the project

“Leoforos” will be refurbished to such an extent that we could surely talk about a new stadium. The study for the new stadium has been made by the firm “Kokkinou – Kourkoulas” Architects. The project will be divided into two stages.

The first stage will start in summer 2016 and includes a new tribune on the side of Tsocha street which will be placed above the existing gates 9-10-11. Additionally 14 suites will be built above the seats of the VIP gate. Two three-floor towers will be placed on the gates 8 and 12, where service areas for the fans will be established. A radical facelift will be done to the existing frame and to the interior halls of the ground.

The second one will take place in summer 2017 and includes a new bleacher on Alexandras Avenue side to be placed above the existing gates 2, 3 and 4. Two three-floor towers will be placed on the gates 1 and 5, where service areas for the fans will be established as well. Also spectators service areas, a multipurpose area (Museum – restaurant) will be established above gate 7. A new lighting system, a new roof, and an external metal shell that will encompass the entire stadium are going to be built.

The sponsorship packages

Every Panathinaikos fan is important to us. Every contribution brings all of us a step closer to realizing the vision for a new “Leoforos”. Each fan can be a sponsor of the stadium by selecting one of the following categories:





• GOLD STADIUM SPONSOR – value 550 €



• DIAMOND PLUS STADIUM SPONSOR – value € 1,500 (New bleacher)

• VIP STADIUM SPONSOR – value 4,000 €

• VIP PLUS STADIUM SPONSOR – worth 3,000 € (New bleacher)

All sponsorship packages support the refurbishments of “Leoforos” ground and include multiple benefits of Panathinaikos Alliance for the sponsors with payment facilities. The counterweight benefits increase per package while categories ranging from the GREEN STADIUM SPONSOR up to VIP PLUS STADIUM SPONSOR include a season ticket. In both categories regarding the new bleacher the season ticket includes two seasons.

Each stadium sponsor which is also a season ticket holder has the privilege to have his name written on his SEAT.

This way his name will appear on the seat he deserves as a stadium sponsor, if he wishes so.

Regardless of the above categories of Sponsorship Packages, one can support the vision for the new “Leoforos” stadium through Panathinaikos Alliance by offering any financial amount he desires for the refurbishment of the stadium. Detailed information can be found on www.paomprosta.gror by calling +30 210 6870707

As part of a large communication campaign several advertising means were created by using the motto “Come with us to build the new Leoforos“, in order to raise awareness and public participation. These means include TV spots, radio spots and advertisement, signed by frank & fame.

“PAO … Leoforo”

In the meantime, on Monday, May 16 at 22.00 hours, a special show entitled “PAO … Leoforo” will be broadcasted on SKAI TV. This is a television show on sports and entertainment which will highlight and enliven all aspects of Panathinaikos from its foundation until today: the history of the team, the history of the ground, the Amateur Club, the Academies and the soccer schools, together with plans of the new stadium and the day after.

During this “Green” show some audiovisual archives highlighting the history of the team will be screened through an exciting and often touching journey in time and space, prepared by Elias Giannakakis.

Meanwhile, in a specially designed studio historical executives, young players and great personalities from the wider field of sports and journalism will be hosted. The pulse in the stands will given by new talents of Panathinaikos Soccer Schools.

Live links from “Leoforos” stadium and from fan clubs in America, Cyprus and Europe will be shown. This great television show will be presented by Dimitris Ougarezos and Christina Vrahali.

Click HERE to watch the video