“The rejection of the appeal, presented by Panathinaikos, on the sanction imposed to our footballer Lucas Villafanez, who was unjustly punished by been excluded to play in two matches, didn’t surprised us at all.

This is yet one more of a series of destructive sanctions imposed this year on our team. The closing of Gate 13 for the entire season after the unplayed match against Olympiakos, was the highlight. It was an unprecedented penalty, which was never imposed on any other Clubs which committed similar offenses. Could the Vice minister for sports explain us why?

Being particularly sensitive on football issues, the Vice minister for sports, should explain us how he managed to infringe all the regulations, transforming the process of the play offs into a Russian roulette, which only due to our own major concessions, could be completed. We would also like to ask the sensitive Vice minister whether he is active concerning the decisions on sanctions taken at the various levels of sports justice.

The Vice minister has to know that the guards are vigilant and… aware”.