Today, Leoforos stadium opened its gates letting the media in. What everyone saw is that few days after the end of Panathinaikos’ competitions, efforts to give the stadium a new image are in full progress.

A multipurpose crew is working feverishly in order to initially strip out all seats, (starting from gate 3 where the tiles and plexiglas are also replaced) by placing new ones, together with wall insulation works. When this task will be finished a qualitative improvement of all internal spaces (dressing rooms, offices, bars) is prescribed as well as the complete replacement of all the water closets. Additionally, plexiglas will be replacing the railings in gate 13.

Yiannis Panagiotidis, the plant manager and project leader on behalf of Panathinaikos FC, explained that the remaining work, in order to increase the existing volume, will proceed accordingly to the time schedule that the upgraded building permit will be issued. In the meantime, there will be a preparation in order to install the suites on the side of the bleacher located on Alexandras Avenue.

“Our ambition is that the stadium gets a completely different form. Perhaps better than the one shown in the drawings. We are going on with the first stage which is the renovation of all the interiors of the stadium. What we expect is to see when are we going to have a certain time schedule regarding the building permit. Then, we will see if the building of the new bleacher as we have announced, will start in July or later. We are going to have some news about that in about a month. We look forward to the support of our fans.

We do understand, though, that we are all experiencing some hard moments, but this is a vision that we all have, regardless of our financial possibilities. Everyone has to contribute according to his pocketbook, in order to be able to get something that we are all going to enjoy”, Mr. Panagiotidis stated.

The STADIUM SPONSORSHIP action continues simultaneously with the beginning of the works.

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Take a look at some photos from the first day of the works: