“Today the dialogues between Savvas Theodoridis (Olympiakos’ vice president) and Frangiskos Somarakakis (chairman of the Referees Committee) were revealed. Theodoridis states bluntly and flagrantly that Vangelis Marinakis had decided to approve the promotion of Somarakakis to the position he currently holds, in the highest arbitration levels. As if the Football Federation was their fiefdom. Somarakakis, from his side, thanks in a very flunky way for the favor the football bosses are doing him. In that case, the concept of legitimacy is brutally violated. Every comment is needless!

We are just wondering:

– If justice and precisely sports justice is going to proceed?

– If the Football Federation is going to ask Somarakakis to resign, after all this outrage?

– If the sensitive, about soccer matters, Vice minister Stavros Kontonis intends to intervene or he is engaged only when he has to penalize Panathinaikos?

We will use all legal means we have at our disposal to get this matter cleared. Panathinaikos has suffered an enormous damage both sportingly and financially because of this unacceptable behavior of people like Somarakakis and the structure which commits crimes against football.

Even more, as no one was touched when Panathinaikos was vehemently complaining for the provocative appointment of his man in such an important post”.