“This morning, the President of the Supreme Court, Mrs. Vassiliki Thanou, met with Mr. Evangelos Marinakis, accused as leader of a criminal group, to whom a very serious bail of 200.000 Euros has been imposed. Additionally he has to appear to the Police Station of his district, in order ascertain that he will be present at the trial; he is also banned from any involvement in football affairs because he was adjudged to be suspicious for committing new criminal acts.

Inevitably, there are questions raised about the institutional legitimacy of this meeting, its full content and its purpose. Even more, as this happens just few days after the submission, on behalf of Mr. Marinakis, of a petition requesting the exemption of the Prosecutor who handles the lawsuit against him.

This unusual fact, which is the 11th (eleventh) consecutive petition of the defendants for the exemption of the Prosecutor, leads us inevitably into thoughts of an intention to delay the case. We cannot believe the malicious dissemination saying that through the successive petitions for exemption they look for the formation of the adequate Council, preferably on the Summer Session, which will finally accept the petition for exemption.

In any case, such actions offend Justice, but also highlight the panic Mr. Marinakis has due to the undeniable evidence appearing in the lawsuit and all the information disclosed in the course”.