Today’s manipulations by the Hellenic Football Federation´s management, which stands in front of serious accusations, on the decision to appoint this season´s Super League referees, by dictating its own rules and ignoring completely what was previously agreed, under UEFA´s mediation, is the last throw of the dice.

Unfortunately, the well known parallel centers of power and the criminal groups which have destroyed Greek football and every sense of fairness are trying again, few days before the kick off of the championship, to create a situation which will transform us again into observers of the same play.

FC Panathinaikos respects the attitude of all those who refused to participate today in this institutional slandering, dishonoring agreements; a situation, unfortunately, predicted by our Club.

FC Panathinaikos declares that it does not intend to participate in a championship forged once more, from a refereeing point of view, which under the current terms and conditions should not start.