With regard to some articles, published abroad and replicated in Greece stating that Brondby I.F. complained to UEFA about Marcus Berg for a supposedly racist behavior towards an opponent, FC Panathinaikos underlines the following:

Marcus is three years within our team and is a member of the National Swedish team. He is competing at a top level for years, without creating any problem or causing any incident for racist behavior. He is one Panathinaikos’ captains, just because he is an example to follow. Everybody knows that during matches tension rises, but Marcus did not exceed the limits.

Panathinaikos is a multicultural team, having in its roster players from many nationalities, who maintain excellent relations with each other and are very dear to the fans who respect them. Panathinaikos as a club, as well as his players are absolutely opposed to any racist phenomena and condemn them. In the past, players from our team were victims of racist attacks and we are particularly sensitive to this issue.

We perceive an attempt from the Danish team to charge the ambience after their unfavorable score in Athens, hoping to obtain, through a hostile atmosphere, the maximum benefit. Panathinaikos has a long history in European competitions and will not follow the path chosen by the opponent.

In case that a complaint from Brondby to UEFA, is notified to us, it will be proved unfounded.