Throughout all the efforts, which go on from Thursday night until today from the part of Brondby I.F, our opponent in the play offs of Europa League´s qualifying round, to charge the ambience of the rematch in Denmark , Panathinaikos toned dawn as much as it could.

However, further to today’s statement by Brondby’s sports manager, we are obliged to act differently. In order to defend Marcus Berg, who is one of our team’s captains and key players, to protect Panathinaikos’ history which is full of glory and distinctions in European Cup competitions, the prestige and the interests of the club we announce the following:

Firstly, FC Panathinaikos will proceed tomorrow to an official complaint – protest to UEFA regarding the attitude of the coach and the sports director of Brondby I.F. which causes a direct threat of extremist behavior against both Marcus Berg and his family, from the part of fanatic supporters of Brondby.

Secondly, Panathinaikos will petition UEFA for the presence of an additional security observer in next Thursday’s rematch in Denmark, to ensure that this game will not be transformed into a war.

Thirdly, Panathinaikos will use all legal means to protect the player from Brondby’s attempts to present Marcus Berg as a racist.