«We deny everything that some of people of Brondby stated about Marcus. I spoke with him. He is upset because he has been embarassed without his fault.

We, in Panathinaikos, are not going to tolerate such an attitude towards him. Comments like the one made Brondby’s coach who waited for Marcus outside the dressing rooms and approached him in a inappropriate way, using very bad manners, are totally unacceptable for Panathinaikos.

Comments like the one stated by Brondby’s sports director don’t fit to a professional attitude. I have to admit that is a very strange comment. First of all one can never say things like that when he has such a position in a football club. He should also ask his players what did they said to Ibarbo during the game, because I haven’t see any comment about this. I don’t understand their behavior. They are trying to create a bad ambience for the second game on next Thursday.

Panathinaikos will ask from UEFA an additional security observer in next Thursday’s match because it is important to safeguard that we will participate in a football game, not ina war. We will go there to play football. Our goal is to qualify to the next round through our efforts in the pitch, not outside it. We are very concentrate on this and we will do our best.».