“The application of the Spanish model in the refereeing of the Super League, prescribes a fifty-fifty condition for ALL teams, which does not seem to be the case for the team of Piraeus, according to yesterday´s game against Heraklis in Thessaloniki.

So, we are looking forward to be informed about the disciplinary judgment for the precise referee. Though, we would like to indicate to Mr. Vassaras that it will be a pity for him to lose the unique chance he has to participate in the mopping up of the Greek football.

Mr. Saraidaris, being the representative of the Super League, knows pretty well the imperilment. Concerning Mr. Groutsis, who has been appointed by the accused officers of the Greek Football Federation (EPO) who stand under trial, we do not expect much…

Something else concerning Mr. Vassaras is that his reputation and his fame as UEFA’s “special one” will be adjudged according to his endurance not to cede to the pressure applied, for the coming back of other referees like Papas and all the rest which afflicts, bedevils and agonizes Greek refereeing”.