FC Panathinaikos invites all fans interested in purchasing a ticket for the match Standard of Liege vs Panathinaikos (20/10, 19:00), to send their request by e-mail to[email protected]

In order to register their request the fans have to complete the following details

Family Name:
ID No or Passport No.:
Privilege Code number of Panathinaikos Alliance member:
Phone number:
Εmail address:
Outbound flight number:
Inbound flight number:

Members of Panathinaikos Alliance will be granted a time priority, in order to present their requests until Wednesday 5th of October.
The ticket costs 25€ and a strict priority order will be respected.

Fans whose request will be satisfied are going to receive a notification by the Club concerning the place and the date to purchase their ticket.

Fans whose request will be satisfied but leave abroad, will receive a notification concerning the point from which they are going to purchase their tickets.