PANATHINAIKOS FC, participates in the European campaign FOOTBALL PEOPLE Action Weeks 6-20/10 organized by FARE Network, UEFA’s official Social Responsibility partner, aiming to send a strong message all over Europe against racism and social exclusion.

About 2.000 activities, in 60 European countries, with more than 100.000 people being involved show a “red card” to racism, through actions and messages, similar to FARE’s principles and campaign for human rights.

In this ambit, Panathinaikos is involved in FARE’s social media campaign with a TV spot and Poster, with some of our leading players such as Luke Steele, Cristian Ledesma, Giorgos Koutroubis, Rodrigo Moledo, Carlos “Zeca” and Sebastian Leto. Each one of them sends his own positive message to Panathinaikos fans and to the people of European football.

Besides, Panathinaikos has the pleasure to host in the home match against Xanthi (16/10) approximately 50 young people, from 16 up to 28 years of age, coming from the Greek Immigrants Forum. These youngsters are athletes of the 3 football teams which competed at the “Football Fare Antiracist Tournament” of Athens.

This hospitality is part of a program for the study of Greek language and civilization they attend. The program is implemented under the auspices of “Mercy Corps” and the Municipality of Athens.

Under the slogan: “No to discrimination, Yes to equality“, we welcome these young people to our “Apostolos Nikolaides” stadium.

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