“Yesterdays coward attack by bouncers against chief referee Tsachilidis, appointed by the Conflict Resolution Committee and the resignation of the three chief referees Bikas, Kalyvas and Tsachilidis, that followed, shows that Greek football reached the last level of disdain.

In a dangerous way and by blackmailing the criminal group coerces its terms, relying on its friendly press, which during the last days “barrages” through threatening messages both the chief referees and he referees appointed for the match day.

Constituting a first model for the new condition on the coming derby of this Sunday, they wouldn’t miss the opportunity to mine it by the violent ways they know very well.

There is no referee, no man who is not affected when his family and the serenity of his home are threatened by methods used by mafia gangs.

We urge justice that has also been blackmailed and threatened, to investigate and clarify this recent incident and bring under final judgment the issue of the criminal group, disregarding any extortion which has led to delays despite the unflagging efforts realized by honorable judges.

We remain at the disposal of the provisional administrative committee of EPO, if they need our cooperation, so that in a spirit of harmonization with the orientations given by FIFA-UEFA, to contribute for the disappearance of embarrassing behaviors and actions in football, as these happened in the past by aggressing journalists, burning bakeries, extorting consciences and threatening the press and the media”.