“Further to the arson of Mr. Bikas’ house, which was confirmed by the fire brigade and the threats against the Tsachilidis family, one more violent incident happened; it does not concern the Greek territory though it concerns the actual administrator of Greek football, Mr. Kostakis Koutsokoumnis and burdens the situation further.

Panathinaikos has been a victim, more than any other Club in Greece, due to this lawless regime. Having experienced sports and financial damages due to its steady position and having revealed, with a cost for the team and personally for its President, the actions of a criminal gang which infests the sport, causing the active intervention and implication of FIFA and UEFA which are trying to stop the decline, needs to strengthen the following:

Pending issues regarding corruption in football are located in the offices of prosecutors and magistrates since six years at least. There is a countless evidence and proofs which demonstrate that an activity of criminal groups in this field is existing. In an incomprehensible way, though, all this evidence is not used adequately.

As long as the Government and Justice do not take the football drama we are experiencing into a final expiation, as long as the people accused are not taken to Court either to be punished or to be absolved, as long as the Clubs involved continue to be protected by each and every one, as long as this lawless regime becomes a current reality, then the end is close.

What kind of football are we talking about, with blackmailing, arsons, bombings, beatings, threats against journalists, media and everyone who dares to tell the truth?”.