The collection of gifts for the children of KΙVOTOS TOU KOSMOU (World´s Arch) and for the CENTER OF RECEPTION AND SOLIDARITY OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF ATHENS was completed successfully and beyond all expectations yesterday under the slogan “WE SCORE FOR THE CHILDREN“. The participation of fans and friends of our team who supported this initiative and gave a lot of joy to thousands of kids of our city, was huge.

In a period of just 10 days since this campaign started and till it ended, with a great celebration presented by journalist Pavlos Tsimas, we have collected more than 1.400 gifts including garments, shoes and toys for children of several ages.

The personnel of FC PANATHINAIKOS and PANATHINAIKOS ATHLETIC CLUB together with volunteers, athletes, friends and fans of the team, made Christmas really “special” for the children.

The initiative was supported by the outstanding Greek basketball player and emblematic leader of Panathinaikos, Dimitris Diamantidis, who participated in the celebration at the indoor stadium of “Leoforos”, taking the ball in his hands in order to score to good purpose.
Dimitris Diamantidis received a standing ovation by the public as he tried to repeat five of the most important shoots he achieved in his career.

The leading players of our football team were also present at the event: Zeca, Marcus Berg, Sebastian Leto, Rodrigo Moledo, Diamantis Chouchoumis, Lucas Villafañes, Panayiotis and Odysseas Vlachodimos, Osmane Coulibaly and Thodoris Miggos. The players of PANATHINAIKOS executed shoots of a high rate of difficulty; they competed between them and played with children from KIVOTOS TOU KOSMOU.

The event started early with the participation of children and adults in sports activities together with football, basketball, volleyball, rugby and other sports athletes and trainers of our team.

We made Christmas a celebration for all the children of our city.

We thank you for your participation

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