Panathinaikos lost ordinary chances being unable to score.

The duel between Panathinaikos and AEK, which took place at “Apostolos Nicolaidis” stadium, for the postponed 11th match day of the Super League’s championship, ended without goals.

The quality index of the game never rose up to very high standards at any moment of the match and the first half represented such a situation. The chances were just a few, as were the risks taken by both teams to create them.

The guests were threatening only by set pieces, trying to take advantage from the “superpower” their teammates possessed in the high ball game. Panathinaikos tried to attack from the wings by a quick transition development whenever possible. This was how the most important chance of the game was lost, as Leto could not deceive Barkas with a feint in his confrontation with him, in the 37th minute.

The second period was characterized by the total offensive annihilation of ΑΕΚ and the big chance Panathinaikos lost with Villafañes in the 57th minute. This chance, which came to confirm the offensive activity of the “Greens“, especially between the 50th and the 70th minute, was the “moment” of the match as it was the best opportunity of the duel and determined that AEK’s goalkeeper, Vassilis Barkas, was the “hero” of the game!

Τhe last part of the match became “flaccid” again; much more were the yellow cards shown than the aggressive moments of the teams.

The final score 0-0 let both teams discontent and unsatisfied, as this meant their backtrack in the championship’s scoreboard.

The teams:

Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos Ο., Marinakis, Evangelou, Thelander, Hult, Kourbelis, Lod, Villafañes, Vlachodimos P. (72’ Boumal), Leto, Berg.

ΑΕΚ: Barkas, Gallo, Lampropoulos, Kolovetsios, Didak, Simoes, Aintarevic (75 Johansson), Christodoulopoulos (68’ Vargas), Mantalos, Patito, Peckhard (68’ Almeida).