Panathinaikos U20 achieved a 0-1 victory against their counterparts of ΑΟΚ Kerkyra F.C. for the 17th match day of the U20 championship of the Super League. The match was realized in the ground of Kerkyra Union in Kanoni.

Panathinaikos was much better than its rival and won over Kerkyra with the final score 0-1, thanks to a goal by Theocharis. The game could have finished in a wider score if the young “Greens” were more insightful or cautious in their final initiatives, as they played much better and created many chances against their opponents. The hosting team was playing in a definite defensive way waiting for a chance to counterattack, although they couldn’t take advantage from the few opportunities they had.

Panathinaikos alerted its rival very soon, just in the 6th minute, when Xepapadakis shot to the post and continued in general to strike the box of their opponents. Their efforts were rewarded in the 30th minute when after a corner shot by Bouzoukis, Theocharis shot correctly and opened the score. The “Greens” continued their pressing and in the 40th minute, Pispas lοst a unique opportunity missing a goal in a direct confrontation. The second half continued the same way; Panathinaikos continued its pressing, creating chances but losing chances. Xepapadakis‘ shoot to the post, in the 65th minute, being the most obvious. The score didn’t change and a 0-1 remained till the end.

This way, Panathinaikos youngster’s team doubled its victories against the one of Kerkyra. The first match was realized on the 9th of January, for the postponed 2nd match game, remaining the only one to “run after” Olympiacos for the championship’s scoreboard.

The teams:

Kerkyra: Ladasw, Tsanis Al., Grammenos, Motsovila, Gkitsis, Vassilakis, Kyziridis, Zaimai, Lamboglou, Miskou, Gerekos. Tzatzanas and Tsanis N. have played as well.

Panathinaikos: Xenopoulos, Xiros (46′ Doko), Valmas, Zervopoulos, Triantafyllopoulos, Theocharis, Papanikolaou (89′ Samios), Aggelopoulos, Pispas, Bouzoukis, Xepapadakis (82′ Manidakis).