George Kalafatisfounded in a day like today, on the 3rd of February 1908, the football team of Panathinaikos, writing the most glorious pages in the history of Greek Football.

He aimed consciously, although before its era, to create a sports entity which would enlarge, exceeding the narrow limits of the neighborhood and the city, as this was the case at that time.

These two elements leadership and high standards, accompanied steadily Panathinaikos in a full and emotional path during more than 109 years, transforming this Club to the greatest football team of Greece and the most important “ambassador” of our country abroad.

This course, full of unforgettable moments, sporting achievements and landmarks, not only for our Club but for the whole Greek sport life, constitutes a stable and permanent loadstar for the future of Panathinaikos.

These principles establish our philosophy and the main targets of our team.

Thanks to all the above, we feel proud and say today: Happy 109th Anniversary. We carry on!

From PAOtv the video for the 109th Anniversary