Statement by Mr. Pierre Dréossi:

“I am pleased for being, from today, a member of this important Club: Panathinaikos. Everyone knows that the historic task of Panathinaikos is to win titles and to participate in European competitions. I also know that at this time the Club has to try very hard in order to come back to the level it deserves.

I feel satisfied because Panathinaikos has a very good Coach, Mr. Lazlo Boloni. We have had an excellent collaboration together in Rennes and I am sure that this is also going to happen here, in Panathinaikos.

In every Club I go, my regular strategy is to ensure a correct operation in order to bring off an efficient cooperation between all the members of the team. Moreover, I know very well that no one can be left behind in the effort this Club is doing to achieve its goals. For all of us here, our priority should be to create an ambience of unity and solidarity.

Concluding, I would like to mention the potential Panathinaikos has as a team. There are ambitious and talented players whom we need to support to the maximum, in order to create all together a group which will deploy its virtues and its dynamism on the pitch, as the emblem that appears on the chest of the shirt they wear dictates.

Let’s stop talking now and let’s act, all together as a family! “.