It was an incredible record, a unique achievement lasting for 55 years! The first one remains always the first! History rewrote the name of “Panathinaikos“. This was during 1963-64 season when Yugoslav Stefan Bobek took the reins of the football team of the Shamrock, giving a breeze of fresh air by using the revolutionary system 4-3-3, totally unknown by that time in Greece.

The team started blooming! They won the championship achieving 24 victories and 6 draws, letting the rest of the sports world speechless! As this wasn’t enough, during the next season Bobek’s Panathinaikos won the championship again by bringing off 20 victories, 9 draws and just one defeat (on 18/10/1964 loosing 3-2 from the team of Ethnikos in Piraeus). Just one defeat in two years!