Jacek Gmoch did a big “refurbishment”, replacing many “veteran” players by young ones, to whom he gave the opportunity to play and to build a strong defense. By letting in 14 goals in 30 matches, Panathinaikos remained on top and finished first, although considered as an outsider! Grigoris Charalambidis was the top scorer for the “Greens”, scoring 17 goals, greatly assisted by Rocha, Galakos, Papavasiliou and Antoniou.
In 1984’s Championship the following players participated: Minou, Laftsis, Anastasiadis, Vonortas, Galakos,Th. Dimopoulos, Karoulias, Kapsis, Kyrastas, La Ling, Livathinos, Mavridis, Berios, Papavasiliou, Tsinos, Charalambidis, Tarasis, Rocha, tassopoulos, Konstantiniodis, Antoniou, Gerothodoros, Vasiliou, Karavidas, kavouras, Gavasiadis, Tsimbos.