Velimir Jaec was in his best moments, Dimitris Saravakos was the top scorer (15 goals) and Juan Rocha was smashing his rivals! The new comers Nikos Sarganis, Vangelis Vlachos, Christos Dimopoulos and Nikos Vamvakoulas were doing their bit to help, so Panathinaikos left very soon in the lurch its main opponents. The only team to compete with was OFI, resisting till the end of March. The “Greens” trained by Czech coach Pietr Pakert and managed by technical director Kazimierz Gorski won one more title.

In 1986’s Championship the following players participated: Sarganis, Minou, Tarasis, Karoulias, Vamvakoulas, Jaec, Mavridis, Kyrastas, Saravakos, Gerothodoros, Antoniou, Dontas, Karavidas, Rocha, Kavouras, Patsiavouras, Livathinos, Charalambidis, Th. Dimopoulos, Ch. Dimopoulos, Georgamlis, Batsinilas, Vlachos.