The “Greens” were playing from the 79th minute with one player less, after Kosta Batsinilas’ expulsion. At the 120th minute, the ball following a shoot by Dimitri Saravakos, went straight to the crossbar.
For goalkeeper Nikos Sarganis this match was like Russian roulette. He didn’t just stopped two penalties but he also scored one!
The penalties evolution: Alexiou 0-1, Vlachos 1-1, Baniotis 1-2, Sarganis 2-2, Chatzidis- stopped, Ch. Dimopoulos 3-2, Apostolakis 3-3, Georgamlis 4-3, Founes-stopped.
Halkida, Kavala, Panserraikos, PAS Yiannina, Herodotos and Larissa … were eliminated on their way towards the Cup, during which Dimitris Satravakos scored 10 goals!