It is only in April that the “Greens” were able to… approach the trophy after winning in Volos the local Olympiakos, thanks to a lightning shoot by Kalpakis which… destroyed the nets! The change of coaches two months after the start of the season when Günter Bengston was replaced by Cristo Bonev, played an important role. Not less important was the transfer of Krzysztof Warzycha! This Polish striker scored 14 times, during that period and became the top scorer!
In 1990’s Championship the following players participated: Abadiotakis, Sarganis, Nikopolidis, Kalitzakis, Kalpakis, Karabatsis, Kourbanas, Maragkos, Mavridis, Bouras, Chatziathanassiou, Antiniou, Vlachos, Georgakopoulos, Georgamlis, Kalantzis, Kolev, Polak, Fitos, Christodoulou, Warzycha, Ch. Dimopoulos, Samaras, saravakos, Babas.