The battle against the “eternal” rival continued till the beginning of March. Then the “Greens” achieved five consecutive victories, leading the competition, taking advantage of the opponents that tripped over. Under the leadership of Coach Vassilis Daniil a strong team with a lot of changes was formed. The roster was reinforced with the following players: Wanchik, Apostolakis, Frantzeskos, Loupu (although this Rumanian did not meet one’s expectations). The players that left the team were: Sarganis, Dimopoulos and Kolev
In 1991’s Championship the following players appeared : Wanchik, Apostolakis, Chatziathanassiou, Georgamlis, Kalitzakis, Kourbanas, Antoniou, Mavridis, Georgakopoulos, Kalatzis, Saravakos, Maragkos, Warzycha, Vlachos, Tsifoutis, Pavlopoulos, Loupu, Frantzeskos, Christodoulou, Samaras, Georgakopoulos, Kalpakis.