Under the management of Juan Ramon Rocha, player Krzysztof Warzycha was scoring a volley of goals (29 goals). Giorgos Ch. Donis assisted him. Borelli and Apostolakis assumed the task of organizing the game.
Till the 24th day, Panathinaikos, was invincible and plenty of records. The team completed the competition having a gap of 16 points from the second team in the list, achieved 26 victories, scored 83 goals in total and let in 21.
In 1995’s Championship the following players appeared: Wanchik, Nikopolidis, G.CH. Georgiadis, Ouzounidis, G.S. Georgiadis, Kalintzakis, Kolitsidakis, Kapouranis, Donis, Boreli, Nioplias, Warzycha, Maragkos, Markos, Alexoudis, Christodoulou, Lagonikakis, Papanagis, Goumas, Mitropoulos.